About SquareTag

SquareTag grew out of the belief that there's no need to wait for the Internet of Things. SquareTag makes everything you own smart today. The secret is to put the computer in the cloud. SquareTag creates a cloud for each of your things and has startling possibilities to make your world a better place to live. Using SquareTag you can create the Internet of My Things. Start building yours by getting some SquareTags today.

Custom Apps

  • Add custom Apps to any SquareTag.
  • Fully programmable by any developer.
  • Good for brand promotion or conferences.
  • Build and sell custom Apps today.


  • Tag of all your personal stuff.
  • GPS location logged on every scan.
  • SMS alerts when somebody scans your Tag.
  • Customize your scan message at anytime.

SquareTags for all your things.

  • Durable aluminum tags for luggage or backpack.
  • Small aluminum tags for pets or key chains.
  • Thin aluminum adhesive for bikes or skate boards.
  • Vinyl tags for anything else you can think of!

Let SquareTag work for you

  • Claim your Tag and describe each item.
  • If you lose your item, check the lost box.
  • Create a custom lost message or offer a reward.
  • Watch for the SMS message when any person scans it.

SquareTag Applications

SquareTags are like no other tags on the market because SquareTags are fully programmable. Simply tag something and scan the SquareTag to set it up. Apps customize each SquareTag. Better yet, the logic that powers each tag lives in your personal cloud. SquareTag Apps even work while your sleeping. Get started today: choose your tags and start building your personal "Internet of Things" today!


SafeAndMine™ helps you track and locate your things. If you ever lose a tagged item, just mark it as lost and you'll be alerted when someone finds your thing and scans its SquareTag. This alert includes GPS-enabled link that shows where the tag was scanned. You can customize your message to the person who scans your SquareTag and even offer a reward for the return of your thing. And this exchange can be completely anonymous if you want.

STFuel™ App

Never print your fuel receipts again. Just put a SquareTag™ on your fuel cap. Each time you gas up, scan the SquareTag™ to enter the price per gallon, total gallons, and the mileage. Let STFuel™ track your all your fuel purchases and calculate your car's miles per gallon. Your STFuel™ data is always available on SquareTag.

MyScale App

Have you ever wanted a smart, Internet-connected bathroom scale? With WeightScale, there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a Wi-Fi enabled scale. SquareTag turns any bathroom scale into a smart scale. No more wondering what you weighed and when. Just SquareTag your current scale, step on it, and record your weight. Now check back with WeightScale and see your progress.

Service App

Things don't last forever! But maintaining them will help extend their life. The Service app helps you track work and repairs on anything - whether it's your vehicles, appliances, electronics, or tools. Just scan the SquareTag, record the type of maintenance, and upload the picture of your receipt. You'll never have to look for your receipts again. They're always available in SquareTag.